It is Raynauds Syndrome awareness week.  What is Raynauds Syndrome?

Do you often have cold hands and feet?

Blood vessels are constricted mainly in fingers and toes in response to a fall in temperature or, wait for it, emotional stress. The fingers and toes go from white, to blue to red.   White, because of lack of blood, and then blue because of the lack of oxygen.  You can feel cold with pain and numbness in your hands and feet, and when the blood supply does return there is a throbbing and stinging. It can be very uncomfortable and one in six people in the Britain have this condition. You can out Raynaud@s UK for more general information.’s

I have found Acupuncture and Moxibustion very effective in treating these symptoms, to help with blood flow and reduce the number of occurrences. Moxibustion is applying a heated herb called mugwort, to the hands and feet.  With regard to acupuncture research, very little has been carried out, and two conflicting studies said more research was required. See British Acupuncture Council Research Fact Sheet: Acupuncture and Raynauds.

This is what Laura, one of my clients, has said:   “I tried Acupuncture for Raynauds after having it for years and just putting up with it. The first session helped noticeably but after two sessions I noticed a huge difference.  I ‘d always had cold hands and feet which people commented on, but after having two sessions of Acupuncture I was able to go through winter without them being uncomfortably cold.  I then repeated the sessions at the beginning of the next winter with the same effect.  I’d recommend Acupuncture to anyone.”     Contact me on 07713 477532 to make an Appointment! Angela Pegg

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