Acupuncture – Angela Pegg

Inserting very fine needles into Acupuncture points of the body relaxes muscles and improves blood flow.  The Chinese describe it as unblocking energy pathways in the body to facilitate healing. Patients notice improved wellbeing, they feel revitalised, are more positive and relaxed.

Conditions approved by NICE for Traditional Chinese Medicine are relief from:
  • tension and migraine headache
  • chronic low back pain
  • neck pain
  • temporomandibular pain
  • osteoarthritis knee pain

Migraine headaches are usually treated with a course of six treatments, then clients attend once every three or four months.  Low back pain and the other musculoskeletal problems are treated with a mixture or acupuncture, electro acupuncture, warmth and massage.   A considerable benefit from acupuncture, for whatever condition, is improved sleep and improved mood.

The relaxation and improved blood flow may help many patients with fertility treatment both natural and assisted. Some Fertility Clinics include acupuncture for relaxation before and during IVF and other assisted reproduction methods.  Both partners can benefit from this treatment.  Clients can attend throughout pregnancy for minor ailments and improved wellbeing.  For example morning sickness, backache, headache. 

An additional modality is the use of a herb called Moxa, which is used widely China and Japan which is wafted over an acupuncture point, to facilitate the turning of breach babies.  Acupuncture is also traditionally used to help induce labour when the baby has gone over term.

Initial appointment  60 minutes £45.00

Follow up appointment  45 minutes £45.00

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