ScarWork™ – Dr Alison Merrick

Early post-operative or injury healing can be optimised by the use of lymphatic therapy in the form of MLD and Deep Oscillation (see under ‘Therapies’). Specific ScarWork therapy addresses more established scar tissue. After injury or surgery, the normal healing processes and formation of scar tissue often lead to adhesions which can restriction the normal movement through soft tissue. Adhesions anywhere in the body can restrict mobility, cause acute or chronic pain and affect organ function. ScarWork Therapy can open up and decongest the surrounding tissue, help to free up adhesions, trigger tissue remodelling, realign deep tissue layers, and optimise re-healing. Scars of any age can respond to treatment. Scarring as a result of cancer surgery and radiotherapy can also be treated, please contact Alison with any questions you may have.

60-90 minutes £65.00
For best results treatments are normally 3-4 weeks apart

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